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In comparison, the Houtian clan will not weaken the power of wizards, and can even be weakened by Yinhu. .

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This is the common cognition of all the tribes in Rongyu, and even all the tribes who have reached the Zhenze area, a total of nineteen mountains and fields.

"The deer is in the mountains, and the hunters go for it! You are the deer!"

"The three-year period has come..."

So Daye expressed his opinion to Uncle Xi, and hoped to have a talk with Yun Zai.

Primitive porcelain is only slightly more porcelain than stoneware. It can be regarded as half a foot on the threshold of mature porcelain, but it is like a little girl who refuses to enter, so don't think that primitive porcelain is blue and white porcelain. Such a treasure, in fact, this thing looks like clay pottery on the surface.

So Yu Zai took advantage of the situation and said: "That's just right, if there are tribes who are willing to follow these gods, men and great witches, and learn from Zhuzheng, the workshop we once opened in the wilderness can be rebuilt, and by the way To open a large hospital...."

Zhang Hong ranted against Xiaoman once, and Xiaoman thought that he had a lofty ideal of being the village head, and he shouldn't be fussy with a foodie like Zhang Hong.

The war boat passed through the depths of the dangerous Osawa, and the breath of huge beasts can be felt everywhere, and the poisonous snakes, big fish, birds, and dragons that can be seen everywhere make this journey to Shiki Asahara full of thrilling colors. . .

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The strategic miscalculation of the Zongguo leader caused Chengzhou Mountain to change owners three times in a short period of time, and Zongguo couldn't swallow this breath, so he planned to move reinforcements from northern Xinjiang at this time! .

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