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【best credit cards consolidation loans 】 The so-called evidence of the Changkong family and the Lin family is all conjectures, Wan Gulou knows everything they can know, and they have a deep friendship with Ouyang Qi, Ou, Su Ran and Ouyang Qi have not met a few times. 。

The world is spinning, and the stars are moving.

Su Ran frowned.

Normally speaking, toad moon child that has been strengthened five times should be comparable to a Gu master who has cultivated toad moon child Gu to the first-grade extreme, and six times of strengthening should surpass the first-grade extreme and transform into "source".

Putting Toad Moon Gu and Bone Qin together, Su Ran always felt that there might be some connection between the two.

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"Black Sunflower Order!"
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Gu source: Level 7 sulfur salivary Gu source (can be captured).
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These casual cultivators didn't know that their way back to Chushan City had been cut off.
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After the battle post was placed, someone revealed the battle post, and the covenant of the Gu battle, even if established, after the first battle, the winner takes all. "
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If you guessed correctly, as the whole body strengthens as a whole, the cultivation base will rise steadily.
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That Gu is quite extraordinary, it is very likely to be a Mythical Gu.
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"Banlan Guyuan is located in Banlan City, which is built on the boundary line between the Moon Realm and the Human Realm; Qushang City, where the Qushang Gu Academy is located, is built on the boundary line between the Savage Realm and the Human Realm; and the Mingguang City, where the Mingguang Gu Academy is located, It was built at the junction of the Moon Realm and the Savage Realm, and the three Gu courtyards are connected by dots, which is a bright line."
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Those who came in did not use the black sun order to go out from the southern passage, but entered another unknown place!
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