best credit union to get a small loan from
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【tipsbfor getting low interest practice loan 】 Zi Die followed behind and said: "I know one of them: Lu Zhen! The fifth head of the Honglian Association came here in the early morning, and he was accompanied by a penny spirit." 。

"What special dish?" Jin Zhiping asked with great interest.

Chu Shaoyan spread his arms and smiled wryly: "It is very unlikely that I can build a super big villa now."

Chu Shaoyan's head exploded suddenly, he was stunned, why did he disappear? what is going on?

Seeing that Li Xu was about to suffer a bloody disaster, he suddenly stretched out both hands. Of course, Li Yiqian subconsciously reached out to block it, and Wu Tianhao fought hard.

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Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly: "This...isn't something I'll decide, is it?"
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Adhering to the attitude of doing what he says, Chu Shaoyan really accompanied the girls on the road for a whole day the next day. When he returned to the villa, he was holding his hands, hanging around his neck, and carrying all the clothes and accessories of the girls on his shoulders. .
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When Jin Shangbang got into the car, the fat man walked over and stuffed two stacks of banknotes into Hu Zhidong's hands. Hu Zhidong was startled, and hastily refused. The fat man said in a low voice: "Secretary Hu, our chief has never disturbed the people. Today is an exception, so let me send the entertainment fee!"
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"Looking at you like this, it's like a starving ghost reincarnated!" Shangguan Zetian laughed.
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"Eight months, isn't it? It's not a short period of time. During these eight months, after you moved into Jiangcheng, you could be said to be proud of your horse's hoof, and what about you, Hao Shengwen? He has been huddled in Tongzhou now, and has even been forgotten. .”
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Although Mo Beixiong and Xu Yuanpei are both deputy mayors, but Mo Beixiong ranks first and has a close relationship with Xiao Zhengnan. Xu Yuanpei's power and status in the city government cannot be compared with Mo Beixiong's. Has always had a condescending attitude.
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"Barrow? I don't know." Chu Shaoyan replied inexplicably.
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After the proprietress retreated, Luo Qingquan said with a smile: "Captain Chu, this proprietress Ming Shaoyu is really not simple!"
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