what does capacity, one of the 4 c's of credit tell about you?
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【what bank is firestone credit card 】 Ouyang Qi has already entered the inheritance land, Wan Gu Tower can't afford to wait. 。

Eyes and ears: the six sources of heaven, hearing and earth presenting (6).

"Chasing, chase me in the foggy area!"

The Gu masters of Wan Gu Tower here are all able to use top-level Gu skills, and half of the Gu masters from the Chang Kong family and the Lin family can also use top-level Gu skills. With so many people working together, let alone a seventh-rank Gu master who is casually cultivating , It is not a problem to hit five.

Wang Qinshu could only nod his head dully: "Okay...Okay."

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Flying Immortal Gu is a melting body Gu, which is similar to extremely hot Gu worms. Su Ran can capture the Gu source and fuse it into his body. After melting, flying fairy grains will form in his body, and then Su Ran can mobilize the flying immortals. Gu's murderous, domineering, and evil aura is for his own use.
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There will be no worries about facing the ancestor of Heikui directly.
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Su Ran quickly escaped from the magma area.
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He is not like a Gu master, if he can't break the defense, he can't break the defense, no matter how many ants there are, they can't bite his skin, and can't hammer his flesh and blood.
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Fifteen of the fourth-grade Gu were used to upgrade the Illusory Immortal Gu, and there are seventy-five left.
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Chang Kongli's eyes were red, Su Ran's act of killing the Quartet made him furious, but Yang Bingshi could not be taken away by Lin Henyou, he could not be distracted from dealing with Su Ran, "Wang Xishan, Huang Yao, don't delay any longer, Hurry up and kill Lin Henyou, otherwise, I will not accompany you!"
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The big movement that destroyed the cave caused an earthquake.
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However, you can be a bit more moderate. I decide to temporarily give you the authority of an earth-level shadow guard. This authority is limited to the fact that you can use the achievements you have obtained this time to exchange for Gu. If the achievements are used up, the temporary authority will be invalidated. Understand? "
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