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"But...you can save me." Yue Nuer stared at Su Ran with burning eyes, and raised her mouth: "Although my real age is more than nine thousand years old, I have only lived freely for a few years, and I don't want to die. It's not enough!" ... current 30yr mortgage rates

test. mortgage prime rate today Su Ran held an eighth-grade healing Gu. ….

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With a distance of 500 meters and a thick rock formation, for today's Illusory Immortal Gu, it only takes one or two consecutive shuttles. .

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After a long time, the situation has not changed. ...

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Theoretically, Wang Jianming's approach is correct, Su Ran's hiding Gu is indeed against the rules of the Wangu Tower, Su Ran does not mean to blame the Wangu Tower, but it is not necessary to be close to the Wangu Tower now.

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"Hmph, you're dishonest." Mr. Xi gave Su Ran a look.

After being injured, the body becomes weaker, and the ability to resist corrosion is also weaker. A slight injury can expand infinitely, which is an endless loop.

Ancestor Heikui is such a carefree casual cultivator, so he naturally carries most of his property with him.

The woman groaned softly again, and her pain became stronger.

Seeing the Gu masters rushing upwards, a large number of Gu controllers had already left the fog area to intercept them.

One chance is Qishengqu, the use of Qishengqin is not as rough as Su Ran, it has seven exquisite tunes to match it, when playing Qishengqu, you don't need to use your consciousness, the immortal Gu will pass Qishengqu Granted Illusion Immortal Gu.

With Su Ran's strength, there is no need to explain anything, even if his performance is a little abnormal, others will not ask more questions.

Hearing Su Ran's answer, the woman was pleasantly surprised: "Are you really Yueyue?"

You are a serious shadow guard with clear heels!

Deceitful Yang needs the essence of the domain, but he can't go to the sea, he can only cultivate by himself, so he can't match the Gu Immortal with the help of Gu essence. .

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Su Ran was quite surprised by Huang Xu's trick. .

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