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After several discussions, the more guesses became more outrageous.

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Without raising his head, he knew that Zuo Qiu who was driving had something to say.

This is her first time cooking noodles for a man.

The corner of Ling Heng's mouth raised slightly, and he glanced at the roof of another villa not far away.

A generation of war gods, thousands of troops have never been afraid.

"Do the four families of Yunhailin King Chen Fang and the Bai family have credit business with your bank?"

She knew that Ling Heng wouldn't lie to her, and even if he couldn't solve the problem, she couldn't help even if she said it.

The reason given by the other party was that Ma Yulian was not allowed to enter due to her sloppy clothes.

"Since everyone is here, I'll save trouble." Li Jin nodded and walked in.

Su Xueqi: I'll send you your address, hurry up, it's urgent! .

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For this kind of jumping clown, staying with them for a while is a waste of time, calmly passed Fan Xiaoyu and the others, and was about to leave, but was stopped again. .

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