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"Two rank-eight meat Gu, two rank-8 blood Gu, one rank-eight skin Gu, if possible, I also need rank-7 Gu and rank-8 Gu for tendons, bones, veins, legs, and arms. " ...

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The competition for the first son depends on the son's own cultivation and aptitude, and the power attached to the son. The Beigong Hou's family has a great career, and only the best son can get the throne.

Yue Nuer took off the big broad sword made of bone from her back.

"That... I want to remind you of one thing." Yue Nuer hesitated.

"However," Niu Ran continued, "What is a Gu Immortal eight thousand years ago? Brother Changqing is a rank two Gu Immortal, and Brother Huangxu and I are about to rank two. Two Gu Immortals who are eight thousand years old, how is it? Is it our opponent?"

Bladder, triple burner: Jiuyuan wine burnt (5).

"Spiritual Enlightenment Fruit, you must get it!" Su Ran's eyes were firm.

The red light spot is familiar to Su Ran, it looks exactly the same as the pair of eyes of Wuyuan Zong.

Another half day.

With the arrival of Gu Immortal, the disaster of Central Territory is imminent, and Su Ran is willing to share the opportunity to become an immortal.

"Why?" Su Ran asked strangely. .

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