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Ordinary arguments are fine, some people are not convinced, and directly yelled: "I am weak, come here!" ... how to get an old student loan forgiven

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Jin San didn't say anything. In the eyes of others, Bai Xiangshen's punch was enough to open up the world and kill Jiang Li. .

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But after Dong Jianhang's incident broke out, this rule was obviously broken. ...

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They couldn't figure it out until they died, where did so many demons come from!

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After Alvia left, Jiang Li's life calmed down.

Okamrav squatted on the ground, and after shouting those words, the faces of the four of them turned black, and they cursed in their hearts: "This bastard doesn't want any face at all!"

Feeling the pain of these people, Jiang Li's eyes shone coldly, and he became more determined to kill everyone in front of him.

After resting for a day, Jiang Li's body finally didn't hurt the next day, but his whole body was sore and uncomfortable.

In the end, I heard Jiang Li say: "If you have deep feelings, you will feel bored, and if you have shallow feelings, you will lick them. Brother, you think highly of me and fucked him."

At the same time, the vigilant Qing didn't all come together, but spread out, and looked at the members of the five major families in batches, with the intention of killing everyone if something went wrong.

For this reason, the demons in the Nanzhu community gave Jiang Li a new nickname with great admiration - the last one in Dongdu is too cheap!

After waking up, take a look at your body, and then look around

He is indeed an outsider, but he is a white man with blond hair and blue eyes. The point is, he came riding a dragon!

Morey roared: "Fart, I'll kill you!" .

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Jiang Li continued: "If you are some kind of monster or demon, it would be great. If you kill me, I can take it home to roast and eat, and fill my own refrigerator. It's a pity... I'm not interested in human flesh... To be honest, I've always I feel that if it is an enemy, I would rather beat a dog than a person." .

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