my father gave me a small loan of 1 a million dollars
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【patriotic express loan small business administration 】 Only then did Lucy raise his eyes, the eyes on his pale face were as black as ink after washing. 。

With elbows resting on his knees, a straight and elegant curve is drawn from the neck to the back of the shoulders, with a grass stalk in his mouth, looking at him, with an indifferent look on his face that will be lively here because he has nothing to do expression, slightly raised the corners of his mouth.

"Is it good to meet me?" Deng Chang asked.

After watching the four continents and the Grand Prix, he gave such an evaluation objectively.

After speaking, he didn't hear Lucy's answer. Deng Chang only thought that Lu Xi was angry. After all, his temper didn't last for a day or two. When he raised his eyes, he found that Lu Xi was staring at him blankly with a pair of dark eyes wide open.

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The overseas discussion forums are even full of "wow... Lu Xi looks so good and speaks so wildly..." "But I like... suki【心】【心】".
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"Player Deknev Varichchenko, representing the Russian team, has a technical score of 107.10, a program content score of 98.00, a free skating score of 205.10, and a total score of 315.02. The current ranking is second."
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Embarrassed to think deeply, Lu Xi quietly hooked Deng Chang's hand and followed him upstairs.
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After dinner at night, Deng Chang was fiddling with his mobile phone again, and Lu Xi leaned over: "What are you doing?"
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In the sudden darkness, Lu Xi was suffocating for breath, Deng Chang held him warmly, and the sense of existence was suddenly obvious.
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Deng Chang stared blankly at the first two messages sent by W1, and when the third message appeared on the screen, he couldn't hold back and curled his lower lip coldly.
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Twelve-year-old Lu Xi was confused, but went to the ice rink in a good mood, only to find out that Deng Chang didn't come today.
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This is the time when Lu Xi was in the best mood in the slightly depressing training schedule in the past few months. He went to dance for another three and a half weeks and successfully landed on the ice. When he wanted to try the third one, he was caught by Chen Qi. Stopped it, saying that it was almost the end of the day, so Lu Xi had to stop.
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