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【how to take out a car loan 】 If the picture given by the heart tree old demon is here, then a sword hole here must be suitable for the dark night. 。

Normal humans also have them, but they are relatively few, and they are also at the bottom.

Out of the demon envoys, only ghosts and demons are left. If the new light point is not Su Ran, who else can it be!

Still a semi-detached person who has not yet reached the end of his lifespan!

The Frost White Walker who was chasing up quickly stopped suddenly, and a painful muffled sound came from his throat. He gave up chasing and killing Commander Mormont on the ground, and suddenly turned around. Unfortunately, his body was only turned halfway, and his whole body exploded into a pile of flying ice shards.

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Similar oaths are made in the name of God when the king bestows warriors as knights, when knights swear allegiance to the lord, and when the lord promotes vassals to princes. It's just that the oath of the Roaring Stone People is different from the oaths of other nations. What they believe in is the unchanging ancient oath of the ancestors, which is more resolute and pious.
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The power of sacrifice was sucked into Su Ran's body at once.
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Catelyn said, "My God, Ned, Arya's a girl!"
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What is this?
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The ability of Jiugouzhan Gu inevitably made Su Ran think of Sifang Zeyuan.
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It's just that being the King's Seventh Guardsman is the highest honor for a knight.
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Yu Yi: "I don't need your Jade Muscle Water Gu, Life and Death Insect Gu said, a new Jade Muscle Water Gu is being conceived, and it will be delivered to me soon.
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"What does it matter if you are here or not?" Yuan Mie said indifferently, "How did you decide to die?"
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