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【payday loan company with accreditation by the better business bureau 】 Cang Jun said that he was about to put away the drop of Mo Lingxiao's blood, Su Nian quickly grabbed the jade white porcelain bottle containing Mo Lingxiao's blood, "I believe, how long will it take?" 。

The warm honey water was delivered to Qin Mo, and Song Jing sat down on the bed again. Qin Mo took two sips of honey water slowly, held the cup in his hand, looked up at the people around him, and said it directly. make a sound;


Taoist Wuji turned and left, the atmosphere in the room was extremely embarrassing, Mr. Kunlun wanted to slap himself twice, why did he talk so fast, he had nothing to argue with Taoist Wuji, and he was wronged, but it was impossible to pretend to be anything after everything had been said None of them look like.

"I know what you want to do, and it's okay to return your favor, but as a friend, I still want to remind you, you should think about this matter clearly, once you do something, there is no room for regret, you Do you really have no feelings for Qin Mo?"

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Song Jing smiled and said nothing, the director of the public relations department is the director of the public relations department, looking at Hanhan, he is the most eloquent and considerate, he is now clear about what he hesitated outside Qin Mo's door yesterday;
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He turned around and drove to Qin's headquarters. The matter between him and Qin Mo is no secret in Qin's. Everyone has vaguely heard about the incident at the board meeting last time. Although it is unbelievable that Song Jing actually confronted Qin Mo face to face, But later the Song family's independence was a helpless fact. Everyone was looking forward to Qin Mo's attack on the Song family, but they didn't wait, so they speculated that perhaps Qin Mo really let Song Jing go, maybe because he really loved him deeply, and also Maybe I'm bored, but no matter what kind of guess it is, it is enough to make Song Jing the most special existence of the Qin family.
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Su Nian squinted at him, then smiled and joked, "Don't you want to learn?"
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He took this person to sit on the sofa beside him, feeling a little flustered in his heart. This person's thinking always went to the wrong place. If there is really something wrong with this child, then the operation may be needed now. As a result of the operation of the premature death of the father and son, a chill rose from his feet, but Qin Mo's gaze was always fixed on Zhou Hai, and Zhou Hai made a sound;
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He remembered Lin Yelan's words, so it was so obvious, so this person could see it and knew it, he suddenly didn't know what to say, but Qin Mo lay down on the bed, didn't seem to care about his answer;
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Moreover, the cracks in Tianzhu are getting bigger and bigger. If there is no other way, he can only mend it with his body, but now his body... If he doesn't recover, it may be difficult to completely repair Tianzhu. It will implicate Su Nian or Cang Jun.
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Qin Mo's body was getting heavy, and his heart was not feeling very well. He was short of breath when he stood up. Song Jing didn't worry about supporting his body, and waited for him to stand still before helping him to the small garden outside. Qin Mo let him go I walked around the small garden twice, but after all, the place is small and there is no extra place to go.
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