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【small business loan rates regions 】 For this whole set of defense, there is a problem with the number of Gu used, but there are top-level Gu techniques that can explain it, so there is no need to worry. 。

Su Ran didn't use Qing Kong to catch the first-grade and second-grade spirit Gu before, but only used it for this critical moment.

There is no other way in this world, either to become a Gu master, or to become a strange moon, otherwise you can only be an ordinary warrior.

"Not to mention your fifth grade Mythical Gu Huiyang Immortal, according to the information we have found, you are also able to strike high-level Gu skills. If you use a sword to startle people, Su Ran will definitely lose." Wang Geman sneered.

After taking the things, Su Ran didn't stay in the shadow guard department, but left directly.

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"Bring my token, you go to the public Gu storehouse and hand over ten first-grade spirit Gus to Old Xi."
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But this thought just passed away in a flash, and it turned into a thin pain on the tip of his heart.
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Qian Buer patted his chest, and said with lingering fear: "This is going to fall, and this mission is over."
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When flying in the sky, it was the Illusory Immortal Gu that brought Su Ran, and when it landed on the ground, it was Su Ran who brought the Illusory Immortal Gu.
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I knew that he should use a third-grade spirit Gu to enhance the spirit shield.
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Lu Xi glanced at Zhou Yuanxi nervously. Zhou Yuanxi made a comforting gesture at him, put down all the equipment, and walked towards Liu Xinyu who was sitting alone on the sofa with his back to the door.
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"Xin Shu!" Another moon hunter shouted in surprise, and quickly caught the falling sword hunter.
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Chen Qi's tone couldn't hear too much turbulence, it didn't seem like he was angry, but it definitely wasn't a tone of happily wanting to hear gossip, it was very serious.
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