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But this guy is as stable as Mount Tai! There are only two possibilities for this. One is that the guy's psychological quality is too good, and the other is that the guy has a ghost in his heart, and he just pretended to be calm to cover himself! ... how to get a loan from albert

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what is a loan shark? - what is a loan amount .After having this thought in his mind, Zhang Haohai was very anxious. He knows Ye Tianhe well, he knows that Ye Tianhe is the kind of person who will not change once he makes a decision. If Ye Tianhe wants to take back his power in Nanxiong, he can only surrender obediently, because he knows that he can hardly compete with Ye Tianhe at all! Later, Zhang Haohai had a flash of inspiration and thought of the clever plan of colluding with the Bamboo Association, which made the matter develop to this point. |.

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"Shaoyan, I think you have provoked another love debt!" Shangguan Zetian stroked the cheek of the rocky man who was holding his small waist behind him, "Speaking of which, I really shouldn't have asked you to visit Sister Liang. The key is, what about her daughter Liang Youshuang?" .

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But at this moment, Watanabe Jingyi suddenly rushed over and bowed: "Mr. Chu, I think that as a man, you really shouldn't let your woman cry, please!" ...

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"Everyone, I'm leaving the Sanlian branch of your Ryukyu Mansion tomorrow." Seeing that everyone turned their attention to him, Chu Shaoyan said slowly.

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"No, I did it to avoid you, ha ha." Tang Wanruo smiled wryly, "That man has already become a thing of the past in my heart. What I hate is not him, but my stupidity back then. A wolf-hearted man..."

"Bang... bang..." Fireworks were sent into the sky and exploded in the air. The colorful fireworks dyed the whole sky colorfully.

Xiao Luo explained: "During the helicopter bombing just now, Zhao Zhaoping and his men wanted to drag these goods into the cabin. Unexpectedly, a shell exploded, and he was blown up and fell into the pile of white powder. Then several more The bomb, the pile of white powder is actually burning..."

The guy was a very gentle-looking middle-aged man, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, with a very calm expression.

After drinking, Toyotomi Maaya proposed to go to the hot spring again, Chu Shaoyan didn't wait to go, but was dragged away by several beautiful girls who were half drunk.

"Not yet." Gu Bing heard Chu Shaoyan's meaning, but he said calmly: "But President Chu, I can use my head to guarantee that this accident was definitely not caused by my negligence! This building is the company's largest project recently, and the construction team was very careful and strict during construction; and in order to ensure the quality of the building, the construction materials are relatively high-grade materials on the market."

The girls couldn't help laughing, Zhu Qixia couldn't help but patted Chu Shaoyan and said with a smile: "I thought they could really fly, so it was you who made trouble!"

Chu Shaoyan said: "Wu Tianhao, I'm sorry, so I don't need to say it. We used to be comrades-in-arms of the Tiger Special Forces, brothers for life!"

"Why should my sister be subservient to others? Hmph, you're fine with the Hua family's mother-daughter couple. Could it be that my sister's gathering is a hindrance to human relations?" Shangguan Zetian suddenly raised his head and said angrily.

Then Chu Shaoyan took Tang Hu to the third floor. The third floor is the VIP member area of Huangfeng Casino. There are a total of six boxes and four halls. The game is played in a hall on the third floor. .

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Hearing Saha's words, Chu Shaoyan breathed a sigh of relief and thought for a while: "Xu Dahui, take the others to the next door first." After speaking, Chu Shaoyan said to the others: "Everyone, regarding today's matter, I I'm sorry. In order to express my apology, I will prepare a lot of wine, food and women for you in a while!" .

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