liberty 1 mortgage
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【what is a bond loan mortgage 】 Not only three blood wolves, but a total of five blood wolves surrounding him! 。

When Zhou Fu woke up, he found that the people behind him had long since disappeared.

After one swipe, Su Ran didn't stop, but rolled out from the other side of the empty crotch, and just got into the narrow passage he dug in advance for only one person to pass through.

Suddenly, Su Ran changed the subject, "Jiang Zi, I saw that you are very good at swordsmanship. I was attacked this time, and I want to learn some martial arts to protect myself. Can you find some for me?"

Su Ran went back to her room and began to examine the harvest this time.

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"Wei Tie ran to the northwest, as for the Broken Ear Wolf..."
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He even identified Su Ran as the persecutor.
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Su Ran was stunned, even Li Jiang, a simple and honest guy, thought so. It seems that Yi Kong's death is really a problem.
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"Strengthen Mingyu!"
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Two new abilities, Red Eyes and Extreme Heat.
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Pour out the secret stone.
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But a little thought came to him: "The Gu controllers I met earlier, Bai Meier and Yun Quer, all have excellent looks, this purple dress...couldn't be the Gu controllers?"
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These three methods are common everywhere.
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