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【does hapo credit union do rv loans? 】 Chu Shaoyan was stunned, and smiled wryly: "Speaking of this, it's really possible. Do you see if I'm a little tired now? And I seem refreshed. Ever since I was enchanted in Luoyun's villa, With this sign, could it be the sequelae of Taiqing's magical skills?" 。

Toyotomi Maaya brought red wine, cold drinks, and food, and everyone soaked in the hot spring to taste the delicacies of Dongying. Zhu Qixia smiled and said: "This time I came to Dongying Jingfu, although the business was not negotiated, but I enjoyed it. Oh oh , this secret soup really wants to bring one back to our Huaxia Jiangcheng!"

Chu Shaoyan's master is Daoist Taiqing. For a hundred years, he was a legendary figure in the mysterious Zhongnan Mountain. It is said that he died at the age of one hundred and twenty. In fact, even Chu Shaoyan didn't know about it. Master's real name and specific age of death! He didn't even know if the master was really gone! The "Taiqing Daoist" in Zhongnan Mountain has always been a magical legend in the Chinese ancient martial arts world!

Just after he finished fighting with the goddess, Ye Tianhe couldn't help but smile when he saw Chu Shaoyan's weird expression, and then he seemed to think of something, so he couldn't help smiling, which was also a bit weird.

"TKS, Metoo..." the rock man whispered.

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Seeing Ye Ruoxi's dull expression, Chu Shaoyan felt a little anxious. After all, if he wanted to break through now, he would have to take Ye Ruoxi away with him, but with Ye Ruoxi's current mood, it would be even more difficult to take Ye Ruoxi away now than ascend to heaven!
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"Do you realize the seriousness of these suspects escaping? I just conducted a review at the Provincial Party Committee. Secretary Liu is very dissatisfied with the work of the Public Security Bureau. Two major cases and the kidnapping of suspects are all under our pressure. It’s a heavy burden on my head. I don’t want the problem to continue and eventually cause the Public Security Bureau to be completely negated by the society and the superiors!”
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"Hoo! Shoo! Shoo!" The sniper rifle bullets with sharp whistles flew across the space of thousands of meters like lightning, like a deadly god wielding a scythe calmly harvesting lives, and every time someone was shot, someone would be shot. Or fall silently and violently, or scream and fall off the cliff to die!
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Forty minutes later, Chu Shaoyan met with Long Guozheng and Yu Kexiang, deputy head of the Yangcheng Criminal Investigation Detachment, and the two sides exchanged information.
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The little witch plausibly said: "I'm nineteen years old, am I still young? Brother, do you know what is the legal marriage age for British girls? 16 years old! I often see girls my age in London, pushing a baby carriage , staring at my baby with a kind face. Woo, I was so envious at that time, I wish I could give my brother a baby too!"
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About five minutes later, the enemy approached. The five men were agile, looked sturdy, and moved standardly and cautiously. They all had American-made M16A2 assault rifles in their hands, and they were equipped with the infrared thermal imaging sight AN-PAS- produced by Rennes. 13, so that they can clearly observe the general terrain and target situation in low light or dark environment.
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Jiang Langtao knew very well that Chu Shaoyan was very skilled, and when he saw Chu Shaoyan attacking, he quickly pulled up two younger brothers to stand in front of him.
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Chu Shaoyan laughed loudly: "Sir, you are tall, really tall, the lesbian agrees?"
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