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As for Shangguan Lingjiao and Guan Nuoxue, they were completely panic-stricken, one was nagging, the other was dull-eyed, the once lively little witch had sunken eye sockets after a night of torment, and her palms were bloody from being pinched by herself; Guan Nuoxue stared at the two pandas and stared at the lake in panic, her face ashen. ...

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Jinghua's complexion changed drastically, she sat down slumped, and said with a wry smile: "Little girl, there are some things that cannot be guessed randomly! There has never been any story between me and Chu Shaoyan, and it will never happen in the future."

Looking at the angry middle-aged man, everyone around was dumbfounded.

When Cheng Junzhi shattered his mobile phone in a rage, the underground "Flood Fighting Meeting" meeting in Jiangcheng was held again. This time Chu Shaoyan accepted Wu Tianhao's suggestion and no longer attended, but authorized Wu Tianhao to represent, and Hao Shengwen naturally represented the hero club to attend.

At the same time, the fire brigade rushed over here.

"Let him go, Nuo Xue. I believe in my man." Suddenly, Goddess Huading said lightly.

Wang Hong shook his head: "Impossible. Deputy Secretary Tong had tried to win him over before, but he never agreed. Isn't it strange that he suddenly switched to Tong Pai now?"

Ye Jinlin stared straight at her: "Sister Yun, you know that I, Ye Jinlin, have always followed my word." .

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