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Su Ran tilted her lower body, and easily dodged this time. Although the Heavy Qi Gu had strong attack power, its speed was much slower than his, and she could dodge it with a little preparation. .

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After putting on the clothes, the sleeves covered the hands, and the whole person seemed to be fatter. ...

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"Since you understand, you should have said it earlier!" Su Ran grabbed the right paw of the Monkey King's neck and relaxed slightly.

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"Who is it? It's so early in the morning, and no one is allowed to sleep." Xiaoju opened the door sleepily.

Holding the secret stone fragments in his right hand, Su Ran walked slowly past the red-stocked monkey's buttocks.

The black shadow paused, ready to turn around and leave.

some moment.

"Grandma, nothing will happen to my body, right? I was just hit by blood wolves many times on Muyang Mountain..."

Looking at the capture information displayed in golden text, it was another strange Gu worm.

Qian Buer still didn't want Su Ran to accept the trick, so he stopped him and said, "Don't be rash, even if you want to try the trick, you can make an appointment alone, if it's not necessary, tonight, the second son of Qiao came from the Qiao family of the Eight Great Families, and he will definitely master it." Some incomplete Gu skills, and rare Gu worms..."

"Boy Su, I have already changed the medicine for the injury on the back of your head. For the next two days, I will ask someone to change the medicine for you every day. After that, you have to cultivate for another four days, and the injury will heal."

After all, the Monkey King's actions will not be aimless.

"Then there is someone behind Wu Yong?" Su Ran asked worriedly. .

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The hunting team questioned some of the injured people who returned to the village with Zhang An, and decided that Su Ran's words were true, and ordered him to recuperate at home. " .

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