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"This continent was not created by me, but existed before I came." ... how to get a loan from a family member to start a business

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how low interest rate is not worth paying off loan - va startup business loan .Yuzai thought maliciously, maybe he dug up some kind of broken thing like "Tiangang Xingxiu descends to earth". |.

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"Let's take a look... What's the function of your chic little thing?" .

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Baihuangqi clapped his hands: "I heard the witch said in our tribe that the Chifang family was preparing to dig a ditch. Our witch has already learned this method, but I was sent to dig a ditch before we started to dig it. Akakata." ...

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Now is not the time to erupt.

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The Jinghua family of Huang Shao is closer to Chaisang Mountain, so they know more than the Biya family. The Yandi family can be recognized immediately because the Yandi family once "wandered" in the south and left some legends .

A cosmic period that has many similarities with the Immortal Universe, and even seems to have a reincarnation of fate.

Those energy circuits are extremely complicated, as if they constitute runes one after another, connecting many mechanical structures together in a way that An Ran has never seen before.

Wang Tianzong suddenly realized, he thumped his palms, and said: "No wonder I dreamed that I was drifting on the sea that day, so it was because of this... so it is so... so it is so!"

He really couldn't tell that the boy in the yellow shirt was lying, but he had already tracked it down here, and even the copper coffin had a reaction, but the other party said that he was not the demon god Bo Xun at all!

The old patriarch's expression changed: "They don't like this bad place either, are they afraid of accidents?"

Yan Zai returned to the tribe. At this time, everyone in the tribe knew about Yan Shu. The teenagers seemed very silent, and the previous joy disappeared.

The shaman of the Boya family stretched out his hand to pick up a piece of soil, which was rotten and had a stench.

An Ran stared carefully for a long time, seeing that the dream world was shattered, he didn't see anything unusual. .

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I don't know which one of the Ninth Heaven of Dao Realm spoke. .

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