what effect did yunus’s loan to sophia khartoum have on her stool-making business?
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【loan application for business 】 The chatter on the other side of the phone made Song Jing feel that her whole worldview had been subverted; 。

"Let's do a brain MRI first, it will be clearer."

The person on the bed did not open his eyes but nodded slightly.

"It's smashed, it's worse than unbelief."

Qin Mo opened his eyes and looked at his appearance with a sneer, Song Jing simply squatted beside his bed;

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"I see, Mr. Cang, I can dedicate myself to repairing the Tianzhu, but I also hope that you can keep your promise. After I repair the Tianzhu, according to our agreement, take away all the memories of my master about me, okay?" ?”
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Su Nian's husband called Mo Lingxiao like a spring breeze, and nodded slowly with a smile on his face, "Well, since you have said so, I promise you, but the position of crown prince is still yours, I just help you temporarily Take care, everything will be on the right track in the future, it's up to you, okay?"
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"You said he sat all afternoon?"
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After one time, Meng Yang used all kinds of martial arts, frying, stewing and frying all kinds of crayfish, intending to earn enough money to open a coffee shop on Fat Sheep.
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Song Jing suddenly reacted to a question in a blink of an eye. He stood on the spot and took three deep breaths before calming down, looking at Wu Run opposite him with scrutiny;
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Meng Jing laughed immediately;
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Holding Su Nian's bleeding wrist, Leng Aotian told the truth about the origin of the scar across his palm. Only then did Su Nian suddenly know the origin of the scar. guard.
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Mo Lingxiao looked at Erbao suspiciously, no one told him this during the year in Kunlun?
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