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【rabo bank business loan 】 At the same time, the attacks of Hua Yan's three Gu insects also hit Su Ran. 。

The housekeeper Zhou Fu ran to Xiao Yong in a panic, and immediately informed the news of Su Ran's return.

From this point of view, it was two hours.

After thinking about it, Su Ran said directly: "Jiang Zi, you send mother-in-law back first, and I'll go to Yi Kong to have a look."

"This time there is still no stinging symptoms, same as last night, it seems that as long as the six orifices bleed, the stinging symptoms will not occur."

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"I don't know, the world is full of wonders, why bother with him, just like we don't know how the Gu worms came here." Qian Buer replied casually.
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Indeed, the five times of strengthening Mingyu Gu and beef tendon brought him the blessing of the power of the eight tigers. The source of the power of the eight tigers may also include the hidden blessing of strengthening fat raw meat ten times and strengthening cowhide eight times.
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Longshan village is divided into outer village and inner village. The outer village refers to some vegetable fields around Longshan village. The outer village inspection team that Su Ran belongs to is responsible for patrolling the vegetable fields and protecting some of the vegetable farmers who are working.
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If you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight, and the pressure follows closely, which also makes Xiao Yong act very cautiously.
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Bang Bang.
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