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was originally intended to be updated on time, but now writing a book is really unreliable. I often write it and then go back and revise it, and then delete a chapter or two. This chapter has written four drafts, and individual versions are affected by other things, which are slightly dark and I ass. It has been revised and revised, and this version has been revised... So please don't rush, I said that the daily 4D update will definitely be updated. If I fail to update at 0:00, 2:00 noon, and 6:00 pm on time, it means that I am revising the manuscript. I don't fight for monthly tickets or anything, I just want to work hard to write a good book now... worthy of the readers who subscribe. I have worked hard to write the third chapter, and I will try to publish it on time. ... nedbank home loan to business

test. large inheritance loan With Jing Long's terrifying strength, Jiang Li's head-on blow, in their view, was definitely a desperate blow, and at worst it used most of his strength... ….

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The next moment, the man in black armor with a long spear fell down from the sky, but at this moment the black armor on his body was cracked, sparking like electric sparks, but it could be seen that his black armor was slowly healing itself! .

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After eating and drinking enough, Jiang Li went upstairs to tinker with his grape trellis, but after only a while, he saw Hei Lian walking over with a strange expression. ...

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When people heard this, they were extremely angry, but no one dared to resist.

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"Don't worry, those guys who worship under your pomegranate skirt, as long as they obey your orders, they will definitely go all out like the beast king..."

Chen Ya has the guts to say that she is an ordinary person who dares to investigate the supernatural power of the devil.

Jiang Li suddenly said, "What do you mean?"

However, what shocked Lao Hua and others even more was that wherever the fist went, the sword light shattered inch by inch.

Looking at the man in black armor with a long spear falling from the sky, Jiang Li smiled.

Mr. Qin snorted and said, "I also want to rest assured, but I can't. I promised the master to take good care of you. To ensure your safety, I definitely can't go back alone. So, this trip, the old man, I will also take care of you. Let's go with you."

Then Ma Feng pointed Qin Huangquan in the direction of Shizipu Village and Daqi Village.

"Whose dog is this?" A man passed by and glanced at the big dog.

At the same time, Cheng Shu called the Qiongtai Island Airport: "I'll be here soon, quickly check the status of the plane one last time, take off immediately when I arrive, the destination is Xiaoxiang! Don't talk nonsense, immediately, immediately!"

"Let's go..." After Hei Ying A finished speaking, he turned around and saw a pair of green eyes shining in the night. The point is, those eyes were almost touching his face! .

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At this moment, a new message was updated on WeChat, it was——Liu Ru! .

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