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Yan's mother also nodded: "Me too, I used to feel dizzy and nauseous when I smelled white wine, but now I take a sip of red wine, just like drinking that kind of drink, the more I drink it, the better it tastes, I have an indescribable feeling."

The little girl laughed excitedly in her heart, looking at the rock man's back, a devilish smile appeared on the corner of her mouth: How can I break his defense? She frowned slightly, her own disadvantages were obvious, she was too young, and she didn't have enough contact with the rock man. If you want to break into the rock man's life, and even occupy an important place in his heart, it's really difficult, not to mention that this man in front of you is simply a stick!

Just when Chu Shaoyan was strategizing, Li Yang and Luo Xiaogang, secretly sent by Wu Hongda, had already started a fierce confrontation. The collision between the two was sparks everywhere, very enthusiastic, and even attracted onlookers.

He smiled immediately: "Oh, hello Nurse Gu, what's the matter?"

The meaning of Goddess Huading has gradually been understood by the rock man who has gradually understood the world. He couldn't help feeling hot in his heart. He hugged her tightly in his arms and kissed her on her pitch-black hair: "Thank you, Zetian, we will Lots of kids!"

"White shirt... er, no, white padded jacket. Yes, it's still a double-breasted white padded jacket!"

Wu Tianhao said seriously: "Captain, I know that your ambition is not here. Your ingenuity is enough to allow you to achieve success in business or other industries in a short period of time. But I am different from Li Yiqian. Apart from what we learned in the army, we I don’t have any skills. Joining the club is a decision we made after a long period of consideration.”

"What am I?" she asked, staring at him closely, tears still bursting out. The infinite depression of the past few months made her finally explode. She could no longer bear it, and she could no longer watch the rocky man in her heart drift away from her, while she could only watch haggardly. .

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