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【free enterprise interest group 】 Ehuang is down. 。

"Father, what's wrong with you!"

The meaning of the emperor is also very optimistic about this one.

Don’t worry, brother, I’m just waiting for you to have a fight with the Four Emperors. If I fight with those four old sticks, I will have to give up. Who wants to live in the life of being assassinated every day, and go to the Central Plains with you. Not to mention the southern basics, even if I bring my teacher Qiao Song, I might be gone if he takes a nap one day.

It's really the per capita foundation-building period monks.

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This profession has not been able to enter the world competition for two hundred years.
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Yu Zai waved one hand and took the brass hatchet. His own golden ax was too ostentatious to carry. I thought that the teacher, Chi Songzi, had some supernatural powers in his sleeves. If he couldn’t do it, he might as well bring a storage bag. It turned out that I was thinking too much.
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So Chong Li really didn't know what Di Fangxun would say.
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Yinglong has inherited the "mantle" of the leader of the Tuiyuan clan very well, and the two mummies said: "It's late... why didn't your leader come..."
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"At that time, the giant spirits will be credited for the credit, and the Shu people will be credited for their hard work, and the credit for the planning will be given to the painter of this drawing board..."
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"The Longdi family is a tribe in Huaibei. The land in Huaibei is not as fertile as Huainan. That's why they went south."
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Then the smile faded away.
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This ran away? Are these ten witches of Lingshan?
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