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As for Cang Shu, he said that he would tell the truth. As for Huan Dou, he didn't know what he was thinking with a smile, but he made the same promise as Yan Long. .

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"Aren't you running a rural cooperative? Let them go to the public land to help with farming and road construction. Wouldn't the manpower of the public land be free?" ...

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Ji Wuzhu sincerely thanked him, and he has been able to communicate with everyone without any obstacles. He has been away from Jili Kingdom for a long time, and the courtiers in the family are probably in tears.

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"Dongyi, Baiyue, can they be compared with the Central Plains? The Central Plains attacked the Sanmiao, and the battle of Danyuan shook the world. Only then did the Sanmiao be repelled to the south, but it was only a repulsion. The Central Plains did not continue to pursue. Sure to win."

If we go east again, do we have to cross the river?

Capture the thief first and capture the king!

"What you said is true or false!"

"No matter what kind of treatment method is used for barrier lakes, it is inseparable from water release. You are right before that water storage is dangerous, especially in mountains and main rivers, and the construction methods and materials of dams , It also affects whether water storage is a good thing or a bad thing.”

Not to mention, there was actually Sanyun on the first warship.

Her eyes were straight.

He didn't realize that Chisongzi was helping someone in slippers to conduct an investigation.

"We have all seen the descendants of Emperor Yan!"

And a long time ago, before Emperor Zhuanxu was able to reach the heavens, there were many wizards in the mountains and seas who possessed the ability to transform gods. After all, those who married gods were either the blood left by the gods, or they were born directly by the gods. Among the tribes, this situation existed even two hundred years ago. .

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On this day, the three seedlings broke through the real mausoleum in Boisha Spring and slaughtered it! Fifteen thousand people! .

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