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【how to get a loan against your tax return filing online 】 Chu Shaoyan's heart was torn apart in an instant, and the scene before his comrades sacrificed more than a year ago was once again in front of him. At that time, Liu Yunkai yelled and asked him to take care of his family... 。

"Are you Shangguan Lingjiao's man?" At this moment Liu Churui stepped forward and stared at him and asked.

Chu Shaoyan nodded slightly, turned around and walked towards the big balcony. A minute later, as soon as he pushed the door open on the big balcony, a pair of pink arms hung around his neck, and then the hot lips were printed on his face, and the fragrance of the other party was really intoxicating.

Luo Mingdong pointed his gun at Chu Shaoyan, and shouted: "What kind of shit! Yunyun, come down, let me kill this troublemaker!"

Chu Shaoyan was startled: "Always?"

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The daughter of No. 1 municipal party committee, Bai Feiying, hugged her friend to comfort her friend. Recently, she participated in an exchange program to the United States, so she was away from China for several months, and only returned to Jiangcheng yesterday.
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"Isn't it?" Shangguan Zetian stared at him with a half-smile and said, "I won't cite other examples, just Li Rongrong, if someone told me a few months ago that she would fall in love with you with all her heart, I wouldn't believe it. But facts speak louder than words, not only Li Rongrong, but also Ye Jinlin, Cheng Yu, Nuo Xue, and even Lingjiao and the others..."
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Chu Shaoyan smiled faintly, nodded and said: "In this case, we should respect it rather than obey orders! Chief, you have such deep affection for the old district, it's good to stay a little longer!"
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Chu Shaoyan stretched out his hand silently to hug Zidie into his arms, and gently wiped her tears. Rain and tears are stained together, but the rain is cold, but the tears are warm.
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"You have a lot of girlfriends, and they are even increasing." Liang Wanruo whispered, "Of course, you are very attractive, and you are the best boyfriend in the eyes of many women, so girls like Lingjiao, Lanlan, and Youshuang are so desperate Falling in love with you. Even though they are very young, they can still be called love, right?"
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"You've changed, you've really changed!" Bai Feiyan exclaimed, she put her arms around his neck, pulled it down lightly, and kissed him deeply, "It's changed. If you used to be, absolutely Will refuse to eat Nuo Xue. I heard from Zetian that the relationship between you and Ye Jinlin and Li Rongrong before was actually quite passive..."
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"Understood! I wish the boss every success, and embrace the beauty home!" Wu Tianhao laughed and hung up the phone, but Chu Shaoyan could smell strong bitterness and helplessness from his smile.
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Xiao Zhengnan chuckled, nodded, and said, "I knew you were people who took care of the overall situation! Chu, with your statement, I feel at ease. The situation is pressing recently, and certain forces are developing rapidly. More than half of the people in charge of the county have been controlled by them. Therefore, it is very important for Comrade Wei Tao, the secretary of the Yangpu District, to turn his back on the Tong family and fight against the Tong family. Thank you for your support!"
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