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【18 payments interest free bass guitart 】 Shangguan Zetian was stunned, and then said in a low voice: "Why? I haven't washed it for a few days, and my body smells very bad..." 。

When beauty and authority are perfectly combined, there is an inexplicable natural attraction to Chu Shaoyan, which is why Chu Shaoyan pays attention to Li Rongrong unconsciously after getting acquainted with her.

The arrest of Dai Ziyang, the general manager of the shipping company under Guanghua Group, is not the final result. Nangong Chengyu, vice president of Huali Group, suddenly announced at the press conference that Guanghua Group and former Huali Group President Nangong Mingdao had faked the evidence with the intention of embezzling a huge sum of 1 billion Huali Group!

Manager Liu glared at him, then smiled at Chu Shaoyan: "You two, there's nothing to see here, let's go to the third floor."

"Old Ma, this time it must be the leader of the superior, at least the provincial and ministerial level!"

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Seeing him, Liu Xiyao immediately became nervous. Yesterday, this guy and two other people chased him for two whole streets before barely getting rid of him, but unexpectedly he followed him again today!
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Shangguan Zetian's heart froze suddenly, and the eyes that stared at the rock man suddenly softened. How many hidden secrets does this rock man have in his past that he doesn't know?
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Perhaps feeling the chaos and desolation in the rock man's heart, Ye Jinlin hugged his waist tighter and tighter, as if completely melting herself into his embrace.
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Li Xiaoxi chuckled and asked, "Secretary-General Xu, why are you sighing?"
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Of course, this is just a test. If Chu Shaoyan dares to punch this guy hard, the subsequent ambushes will naturally follow. However, everything did not go according to the enemy's expected track, which made the behind-the-scenes host feel like punching cotton.
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After arranging for the sleepless people to rest, Chu Shaoyan was personally responsible for the security affairs of the Huali Group Building, while simultaneously planning an action plan for the night.
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Seeing that they couldn't get in, An Linshan, Jin Shangbang and others retreated, and Chu Shaoyan, Shangguan Zetian, Guan Nuoxue, Mei Guanjia and others walked in under the leadership of Liu Xiyao.
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Cheng Junzhi smiled coldly: "Chu Shaoyan, don't think that I really dare not handcuff you!"
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