how do we avoid paying mortgage insurance
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【how low will the mortgage rate go 】 It seems... everyone is very nervous about the Illusory Immortal Gu! 。

Following Tan Taiyue to the main tower of the city, he stepped on a suspended floating board, which rose into the air. After a while, Su Ran appeared on the 100-meter-high tower.

Integrating the heavy energy Gu source into the right index finger was just a small experiment, he originally wanted to use other experiments to control Gu.

If the fourth-rank Gu master became a savage, Beiyuan City could easily deal with it before, with the Lord Yin and the top third-rank Gu masters from the Eight Families, but now, the City Lord’s Mansion has been destroyed, and the masters of the Eight Families are not in the city. The new leader of the city, the Longshan Gang, also left the city because of the moon hunter.

The group can collect so many meat gu at once, almost wiped out all the meat gu released from the Gu City of Beiyuan City, and exchanged them from their relatives and friends.

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"That's great, the decision to join the Yuan Bandit is indeed right. Today, not only did I fully understand Gu skills, but I also saw the top combat power of a second-rank Gu master, and I have a clear position on my own strength."
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"The bull king won! He won! He made a lot of money!"
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Beiyuan City, Beisanfang.
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"Good knife!"
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There are three moon hunters, the two with swords are third-rank Gu masters, and the one with swords is fourth-rank Gu masters.
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After pondering for a while, Su Ran said: "I still need a second-grade Gu, so I can exchange it for one thousand secret stones, how about it?"
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"However, the Gu Master's battle is not compared in this way, it should be discussed separately.
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"Brother Su said you can win?"
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