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Danzhu heard the soldiers' discussion, but he didn't pay attention to it. Instead, he gently pushed aside a piece of grain. The land below was obviously different from the surrounding land. ...

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In Uncle Xi's eyes, no good thing is as shocking as the wheelbarrow he saw at that time!

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Chisongzi wrote: Life falls to the ground, and God bestows a life span of 43,800 days!

Li Kui took a deep breath, and slowly opened the memory that had been dusty for more than thirty years!

But Dayi told him that it is best not to do this. As for the reason, it is because now is the time when the emperor is going to investigate some people.

Chi Songzi said in a low voice: "When the Yellow Emperor fought with Chi You, the Rain Master was not me. How many times do I have to explain? I have only heard about Xuanyuan Che. You people always want to make some big rumors. There are still several Zhu Rong, why don't you say it?"

In the southern part of the Central Plains, the Longdi clan attacked and defeated the Boji clan.

"Get out! Get out! Take things away! Don't come again!"

Dayi hummed, and suddenly felt that this sentence seemed familiar.

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