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【what is the easiest small business start up loan online 】 Unknowingly, the Zhen that Yuyi called himself became me. 。

Lu Xi's eating speed was already very slow, but he felt that after he had finished eating, almost ten years had passed before everyone finally said goodbye amidst the sound of toasting and drinking, and stood up one after another.

Returning to the Yue Lian area, Yue Nuer, Ouyang Qi, and Qu Jinghong looked nervous. They heard a lot of movement before and thought that Su Ran was fighting with someone.

The flame heart can store domain power.

He originally thought that Cui Xiao would ask back politely, but unexpectedly, a big hand landed on the top of Lucy's head, ruaing Lucy's fluffy black hair as if he wanted to touch a small animal.

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Afterwards, the Illusory Immortal Gu appeared in Su Ran's hands again, carrying the Emperor Origin Gu in a flash, and then disappeared without a trace.
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"I also feel strange," the Demon Moon Envoy nodded. "After that, I also heard a huge battle sound. The place of battle is far away from me, but I can feel the movement..."
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"That's right, Yue Ji and Yue Nu'er's Luanyang slaves have been completely controlled by us, especially the Demon Moon Envoy next to Yue Ji. I heard that Su Ran intends to repeat his old tricks. Taking advantage of the sacrifice, he will kill the other two. The great lord wins, allowing Yue Lianling to get the three co-lords of Desolate Yang alone.
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The people from the Three Great Immortal Palaces left.
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"Follow me to the Imperial City, and congratulate King Yuyi..."
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Huang Bin thanked Cui Xiao, and coaxed Lu Xi for a long time.
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It is unheard of that there is actually a holy land altar in the Luyang Continent.
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In other words, Su Ran could no longer capture Immortal Gu and Domain Gu.
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