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【senior secured loan securitization 中文 】 The girl was taken aback and called out, "Brother, why are you tearing up your boots?" 。

Finally came to the Third Affiliated Hospital. Chu Shaoyan didn't even park the car, he rushed into the emergency room with Bai Feiyan in his arms.

"Ding!" After a soft sound, Zhang Qingsong's long sword snapped, and then the spear pierced directly through his shoulder, pinning him to the ground!

Chu Shaoyan patted Wu Tianhao on the shoulder: "Good job."

Guan Fengyi was detained by Amanda, while Chu Shaoyan was asked to stay where he was for 30 minutes. The checkpoints in the game are arranged.

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Song Yingjie chuckled, "I'm talking about Captain Ling. As a civil servant who is about to take up his post, you actually illegally participated in the firefight of the club. If the Jiangcheng Disciplinary Committee finds out, you'll be so angry, right?"
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Chu Shaoyan shook his head and smiled lightly: "No, no. However, I have lived in the wild many times, and I can't survive without learning some skills. By the way, do you like to eat fish fillets or fish nuggets?"
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Unfortunately, those officials and wealthy families treat their offspring extremely pampered, and the ability of these rich second generations to be pampered and proud is also at the pinnacle; Human fellows bowed their knees in front of them one by one, treating them like little emperors.
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The 38-year-old Ye Ming is already a deputy director, and Jiang Cheng's secretary is no more than a deputy director, but the power and future of the two are very different. As long as you stay in that position for one to two years, it is very easy to be appointed as the deputy secretary-general of the municipal party committee and also the deputy director. Imagine that I will work hard for another two or three years, and I will be devolved to a prefecture-level city in Jiangbei or Jiangdong to serve as the mayor and take charge of the party. The future can be said to be bright.
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While Chu Shaoyan was hesitating, Shangguan Zetian had already gone up to meet him, and said with a sweet smile, "Welcome, Director Ye!"
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At this moment, Yan Shuya was even more ashamed, she came over and gently pinched the rock man's mouth a few times, then giggled.
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What a deputy mayor, he turned out to be a deputy minister. No wonder he was able to arbitrarily mobilize the police, but Wujiang City kept silent. No one, including the municipal party committee, dared to stop him!
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"I don't know if you have been betrayed by others?" Zidie asked in a low voice.
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